Month: April 2019

Will you stand out?

What will you do? Will you stand out? I said you are not to conform to this world. You are a holy nation, a peculiar people. I say, stand out. For you are in this world yet you are not of it. The world… Continue Reading “Will you stand out?”

Will you produce?

Will you? Will you produce? What is it? What will you produce? Will you produce much fruit? Will you produce fruits unto righteousness? Will you bring forth and produce thirty fold, sixty fold or one hundred fold? For lo, there are those who produce… Continue Reading “Will you produce?”

Is it too much?

Is it too much? Is it too much for Me to lavishly pour out upon you every spiritual blessing? Is it too much that it is My desire to give you the kingdom? For behold, as a natural father loves to give good gifts… Continue Reading “Is it too much?”

Will they come?

Will they come? Will the ravens bring bread and flesh? Have you listened to My voice? Have you obeyed? I said, I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I do not lie, nor can I. I tell you, I will guide you into… Continue Reading “Will they come?”

What are you believing for?

What are you believing for? Is it beyond what you could ask or think for? Is it for more than you could imagine? Will you believe that you receive it? Will you trust Me? Will you believe My word? I tell you, so many… Continue Reading “What are you believing for?”

Have you placed it?

What have you done? Have you placed it? Have you placed a demand upon My word? Have you placed a demand upon the anointing? Did I not make it clear? Did I not make it plain? I said command ye Me. I said to… Continue Reading “Have you placed it?”

Have you asked?

Have you asked? Will you receive it? Will you walk in it? For lo, I said ask anything in Jesus name and I will give it thee. I said to ask by faith. Yes, to believe that you receive. Many people ask, yet they… Continue Reading “Have you asked?”

I have done it.

I have done it. I have given you every spiritual blessing. I have lavished My love upon you. I have given you My Holy Spirit. Do not listen to the lies of the flesh. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy. Remember… Continue Reading “I have done it.”

Have you laughed?

Has the enemy come up against you? Has he tried to come and attack you? I say, lift up your head. For behold, My banner over you is love. I say, lift up your voice and laugh. For lo, I said in My word,… Continue Reading “Have you laughed?”

Has it been canceled?

Has it been canceled? Has it been paid? I tell you yes, yes it has. For lo, I paid the price no man could pay. Will you receive it? Will you walk in it? Know this, you were the joy set before Me as… Continue Reading “Has it been canceled?”