Will you step out?

Will you do it? Will you step out? Will you step out in faith? Know this, as you do, I will cause the supernatural to happen. I will go before you and prepare the way, yet you must take that first step. Yes, step out. Even if it seems impossible. Step out, even if the water rises up to your thigh. For faith obligates Me to move. I said, faith without works is dead. I will not allow My word to fall to the ground. I will not allow My word to return void. I watch over it to perform it. Step out as I direct you and know I am with you. Step out and watch the waters part. Step out and watch the enemy flee from you seven ways when no one persues. For behold, you are mine and I am yours. Step out and see the mighty things I do, in you, to you and through you sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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