Let it be known!

Let it be known, I will separate the wheat from the chaff. I tell you, I have began to separate the wheat from the tares. Yes, I have allowed them to grow up together, yet know this, the world has seen it. The world has seen and differentiated the two. For lo, the wheat is humble, bowed down and laiden with fruit, yet the chaff is proud, stands tall, defiant and produces no fruit. I tell you this, the separation has begun. The lines have been drawn. I will gather My wheat into My storehouse. Know this, I will not be mocked. I will tolerate mixture and hypocrisy no more. Choose! Choose whom you will serve. Choose to be humble, bowed down and full of fruit all for My glory. Yes, all for My use sayeth the Lord, lest you be cast into the fire that never ends sayeth the Lord God Almighty, the Lord of heaven and earth.

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