What grows?

What is it? What grows? What is it that grows in your garden? Have you tended it? Have you watched over it? I said you are to guard your heart. For lo, many have sown good seed, yet they have allowed the enemy to come in and sow darnel amongst the wheat. Will you allow the tares to continue to grow? Will you let them stay? I say allow Me, the master Gardner, to remove them all. Do not allow the seeds of this world, the flesh, self and sin in. Would you really sow the seeds of that which would choke out My word, My spirit and My presence from your life? Know this, that which a man sows that will he reap. Will you let it take root? Will you let it grow? Will you let it produce fruit? I say, sow in My word. Sow in seeds of righteousness. Sow in time with Me. Sow into My presence and My spirit. For lo, you will bring forth much fruit. It will be for My glory , honor and praise sayeth the Lord.

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