Has it blossomed?

Has it blossomed? Has it grown? Has that eternal seed that was planted within you grown big inside of you? For lo, there are those who have never allowed it to grow. There are those who have caused it to become stunted and sickly. I tell you, it is the world, the flesh, self and sin that keeps it from growing and blossoming. For to be a friend with the world is to be My enemy. It is through your intimate love for Me, your desire and relationship with Me, that causes it to blossom. For it shall be apparent in you. It shall be apparent through you. It will blossom and all will see. All will know and be amazed. It will put off such a beautiful fragrance none can deny. For it is beautiful, comely and smells of the sweetness of My love, My spirit and My glory sayeth the Lord.

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