Are you aware?

Are you aware? Are you aware of the coming storm? Are you aware of the onset of rain? Are you aware of the manifest glory I will bring down upon this earth? I tell you, so many of My people are not. Too many have become too aware of the enemy. Too many have become aware of the world, self and the flesh. I say to you, lift up your head. Set your eyes and affections upon Me. For lo, I have set things in motion. The next wave, the new move of My spirit, for it shall come in like a flood. It will rush in like a mighty storm. Do not be caught off guard. Do not be caught unawares. I said, you are to watch and pray. Occupy till I come. For lo, I come quickly and will flood this land once again with My presence, My spirit, My power and My love sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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