Will you take it?

What will you do? Will you take it? Will you take it and run with it? What is it you will take? What is it you will run with? Will you run the race set before you? Will you run with My love? Will you run with My fire? Will you run with My word? Will you have the vision before you and run with it? For lo, so many people who say they are mine, take hold of that which the world offers and run with it. Too many decide and choose to run with doubt, fear and unbelief. Many run with traditions and doctrines of devils claiming it to be mine. Take My word, take My fullness, take My power and My glory. Take it and run with it. Take it to the nations. Take it to the lost. Take it to those who have never heard, seen or known before and watch as I bring in the increase sayeth the Lord.

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