Are you willing?

Tell Me, what are you? Are you willing? Are you obedient? For lo, there are many who are called by My name who willing, yet they are not obedient. I said, to obey is better than sacrifice. I have said, many are called but few chosen. Will you choose to obey My voice? Will you follow the leading of My Holy Spirit? For behold, He will lead you and guide you into ALL truth. Remember what I said in My word. I said, who are My mother, My brothers and My sisters? It is those who do the will of My father. I said to be a doer of My word, not a hearer only. Remember this, it is the willing AND obedient that will eat the good of the land. Rise up, be that obedient servant. Yes, be that vessel of honor and watch as I bring you into the fullness of all I have for you sayeth the Lord.

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