Month: March 2019

What are they?

Tell Me, what are they? What are your prayers? Are they full of faith? Are they full of My word? Are they selfish and full of doubt and unbelief? Know this, without faith it is impossible to please Me. I said, you are the… Continue Reading “What are they?”

Will you embrace it?

What will you do? Will you embrace it? Will you embrace My word? Will you embrace My love, My spirit and My fullness? Will you lay hold of it and hide it in your heart? I ask you this, will you be a hearer… Continue Reading “Will you embrace it?”

Will you step out?

Will you do it? Will you step out? Will you step out in faith? Know this, as you do, I will cause the supernatural to happen. I will go before you and prepare the way, yet you must take that first step. Yes, step… Continue Reading “Will you step out?”

Let it be known!

Let it be known, I will separate the wheat from the chaff. I tell you, I have began to separate the wheat from the tares. Yes, I have allowed them to grow up together, yet know this, the world has seen it. The world… Continue Reading “Let it be known!”

What grows?

What is it? What grows? What is it that grows in your garden? Have you tended it? Have you watched over it? I said you are to guard your heart. For lo, many have sown good seed, yet they have allowed the enemy to… Continue Reading “What grows?”

Who will you call?

Who will you call? Who is it? Who will you call upon? Will you call upon your pastor, your leader or your teacher? Will you call upon your family, your friend or your spouse? I tell you, many will call upon the world, the… Continue Reading “Who will you call?”

What do you look toward?

What do you look towards? What have you set your eyes on? Do you look to Me? Do you look towards the prize? Do you look to Christ, the author and finisher of your faith? I said, you are to keep your eye single.… Continue Reading “What do you look toward?”

Will you display it?

Will you display it? Will you display My love? Will you display My mercy? Will you display My grace? Will you be that living epistle? Will you be that living sacrifice? For lo, there are many who say they are mine, yet all they… Continue Reading “Will you display it?”

Will you ask?

Will you ask? What is it, what will you ask? Will you ask for more? More of what? I said, ask and it shall be given you. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened. I tell you, ask for… Continue Reading “Will you ask?”

Has it blossomed?

Has it blossomed? Has it grown? Has that eternal seed that was planted within you grown big inside of you? For lo, there are those who have never allowed it to grow. There are those who have caused it to become stunted and sickly.… Continue Reading “Has it blossomed?”