Are you iron?

Tell Me this, are you iron? Are you sharp? Will you be that iron that sharpens iron? Will you be that which encourages and strengthens his brother and sister? For lo, there are those who do not. For they are full of self, pride, flesh and religion. They are iron, yet all they do is dull and break down. They cause those who are a weapon in My hand to become useless and void. I tell you, you rely upon Me, abide in My presence, allow My spirit to sharpen you. For it is My word, My spirit and My presence that will sharpen you. For I will cause you to be mighty in My hand. It is when My word comes out of your mouth, by My spirit, that you become that iron that sharpens iron. Just trust Me and walk in My presence and speak that which I command you. For I will be lifted up sayeth the Lord.

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