Have you heard it?

Have you? Have you heard it? Have you heard the cry of My heart? Can you? Can you hear it? Has it become lost in the noise of the world? Has it become lost and drowned out by the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life? Do you really want to hear it? Then I say to you, come unto Me. Humble yourself, be still and know I am God. Crucify your flesh and give it a voice no more. I said I would give you ears to hear. For lo, I desire to speak with you. I desire that intimate communion. Just come, humble yourself before Me and see. Humble yourself before Me and know. Humble yourself before Me and hear. For I will reveal My heart to you. I will remove that stony heart. I will put in a heart of flesh. Remember this, My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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