Can you read it?

Have you read it? Can you read it? Can you read the day, the hour and the weather? If you can so easily read that which is in the natural, why can you not read what is to come in the spirit? I have told you to watch and pray. Yes, pray in the spirit and with understanding. I made it clear in My word, you shall know the season of My coming. Behold, I come quickly. Will you be prepared? I tell you, many have fallen asleep. Many of My servants have become drunk. Drunk with the world, drunk with the flesh and drunk with sin. I will come and those who have become drunk on the world, the flesh and sin will be taken unawares. I say, be full of the oil of My spirit. Be decked and adorned for the wedding supper. I say to you, behold, the harvest is ripe. I come quickly. Today is the day of salvation. Be washed, be made new. Be cleansed and transformed into that new creature. For I long to say, well done. I long to say, come enter into My joy, lest the door be shut and I must say, depart from Me for I never knew you sayeth the Lord.

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