Will you come up here?

What will you do? Will you come up here? Will you come up hither? Will you come up higher? Will you come up and go from glory to glory? Will you be like the others? Will you be like those who stand at the foot of the mountain? They cower, cover their ears and demand someone else speaks for them and to them. I call out to you. Come up hither. Come up higher. For I will hide you in My glory. I will cover you with My hand. Are you willing to put pride, self and flesh far from you? For it is only the humble, the pure of heart and those who have died to self that can and will come. I say, ask of Me. I will cleanse you. I will strengthen you. I will bring you into a place you have never seen, heard or known before. It shall be glorious. It shall be wondrous. It shall be all for My glory sayeth the Lord.

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