What do you want to grow?

What do you want to grow? What have you planted? Have you planted the seeds of faith? Have you planted the seeds of hope? Have you planted My word in the soil of your heart? Have you planted the seeds of doubt? Have you planted the seeds of rebellion, unbelief, selfishness and flesh? I said, you are to tend the garden. Tend the garden of your heart. For that which a man sows that will he reap. Will you let that which is not of Me, My word or My spirit take root? I would, that you allow Me to come and master your garden. For I will pluck up and remove the weeds, the thorns and the brambles. As you abide in Me, My presence, My word and My spirit, you will produce much fruit. For you will sow into your relationship with Me. I will cause it to grow. Yes, grow and be fertile and bring forth much fruit sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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