Have you possessed it?

Do you see it? Do you know it? Do you even realize it is yours? Then tell Me, have you possessed it? For lo, many of My people have not. Many of My beloved children refuse to. Yes, they look and see. They see all I have paid for. They look at all I have done. They know it, yet they have never moved forward and possessed it. Come, take it. Believe that you receive all I have given you. It is time for you to take it, possess it and make it your own. I am still the same. I have never changed. I have not withheld anything from you. You are My beloved child. I love you just as much as I love Christ Jesus. I say, go! Take it by faith. Posses all I have for you and walk in My fullness. Walk in the abundance of My spirit, My power and My glory sayeth the Lord.

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