Will you use it?

Will you use it? Will you use that which I have given you? Will you stand up, stand firm and use the authority you have in Me? For lo, though many of My people know they are mine , they refuse to use all that I have given them. There are those who say they are mine, yet never acknowledge the authority I have given them or that which they carry. Let Me remind you, you are My child. I have given you My name. You have died to the old man, the flesh and this world. You are not bound by the flesh or its dictates. I have given you My Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth. I have given you My word and I have given you the measure of faith. I say, stand up. Be bold and mighty in the power of My might and strength. For I have said, as I am so are you on this earth. I will remind you what My son Jesus Christ said, “the same works I do you will do also and greater works.” Put away fear, doubt and unbelief. Rise up and walk in My fullness sayeth the Lord.

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