Have you been justified?

Have you been justified? Have you been made righteous and holy? Have you become blameless and without reproach? How is it? How have you been justified? For lo, I tell you this, many justify themselves. Many claim to be justified by their actions, their works and by religion. There are even those who say they are justified, yet it is by their own vain imaginations. I tell you this, there is none righteous, no not one in the flesh. I poured out the blood of the lamb to pay the price for you. Yes, to restore you unto myself. It is through Christ Jesus you have become righteous. It is through the finished work of the cross you are justified and made in right standing with Me. I say, put down your pride. Put down all selfishness. Come, receive of Me. Be mine and know I have done all to keep you and justify you in My sight sayeth the Lord.

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