Month: February 2019

Let Me finish it!

Will you let Me do it? Let Me complete that good work that I began in you. Allow Me to fulfill all I have placed inside of you. Did you not know it? Did you not read it in My word? I have lavished… Continue Reading “Let Me finish it!”

Will I bring it?

Will I bring it? Yes, yes I will. I will bring it. I will bring that which has never been seen before. I will bring in a new wave of My spirit. I will bring in a new fire that will consume My people.… Continue Reading “Will I bring it?”

Who is it?

Who is it? Who do you serve? Do you serve Me or do you serve man? I said to choose you this day who you will serve. As My child, as My beloved, yes as My disciple, you choose to serve Me, the one… Continue Reading “Who is it?”

Will you stand?

What will you do? Will you stand? Where is it? Where will you stand? Will you stand and face the enemy? Will you go and hide in your tent at his taunting and ridiculing? Will you stand at the edge of the river or… Continue Reading “Will you stand?”

Will you wear it?

What will you do? Will you wear it? Will you wear all I have given you? Will you wear that armor I have supplied? For lo, there are those who have chosen to only wear the helmet of salvation. I have said in My… Continue Reading “Will you wear it?”

Let Me prove it!

What will you do? Will you let Me do it? Will you let Me prove it? I say to you, let Me! Let Me prove it. For lo, I will prove Myself true and strong on your behalf, yet you must walk in faith.… Continue Reading “Let Me prove it!”

I have heard it!

I have heard it. I have heard the cry of the broken. I have heard the cry of the humble heart. I have heard the cry of the contrite spirit. I tell you this, be not deceived. For lo, I hear the cries of… Continue Reading “I have heard it!”

Are you iron?

Tell Me this, are you iron? Are you sharp? Will you be that iron that sharpens iron? Will you be that which encourages and strengthens his brother and sister? For lo, there are those who do not. For they are full of self, pride,… Continue Reading “Are you iron?”

Have they settled?

What has happened? Have they settled? Have the gifts and callings I have given you settled and become buried under self, flesh and the things of this world? I say, stir them up! Stir up the gifts inside of you. Stir them up and… Continue Reading “Have they settled?”

What will you do?

What will you do? Will you grab it? Will you grab hold of My word? Will you grab it by faith and run with it? For lo, too many have heard My word, yet they have never grabbed onto it. It has become nothing… Continue Reading “What will you do?”