What instrument will you be?

Do you even realize it? Do you know or recognize you are an instrument? What instrument will you be? Will you be an instrument used for My glory? Will you be an instrument used for My praise? Will you be an instrument of honor, an instrument of righteousness in My hand? Know this, those who walk in the flesh, the world, sin and death are an instrument for the enemy. Those who live and abide in religion, tradition and that which seems right to a man are but vomit in My mouth. They have become an instrument of mediocrity, hypocrisy and flesh. I said, choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose today, what type of instrument you shall be. I would that you be an instrument of My life, My love, My spirit and My fullness. For I will use you. I will wield you in My hand and bring in a great harvest for My glory sayeth the Lord.

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