Will you put it on?

Will you put it on? Will you put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness? Will you put on My righteousness? Will you put on the coat I have for you? For lo, you shall be known by the garments you wear. Many have chosen to wear the garments of self, sin and the flesh. Others have chosen to wear the garments of religion, tradition and that which seems right to a man. I tell you, cast off all that will fade and leads to nothing. Come, put on that which is eternal, that which will remain. Be clothed with My beloved son Jesus Christ so as your nakedness will not be shown. Be clothed in garments I have made for you. Be clothed with garments whiter than snow, without spot or wrinkle, so as you may come boldly before Me blameless and without reproach sayeth the Lord.

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