Will you do it?

Do you want to see My glory? Do you want to walk in My presence? Do you want to see the plan I have for you come into its fullness? Then I say to you, it is time. Do not just know it. Do not just know My word. Do not be a hearer only. Will you do it? Will you believe it? Will you let it go down into the deepest innermost parts of you? Many hear, yet they refuse to go and do. I have said, who are My brothers, My sisters and My mothers? It is those who hear and do My will. Do it in faith, for without faith it is impossible to please Me. Unless you go and do that which I have spoken to you in faith, you will never move forward. Reach out to Me. I will lift you up and set you upon your feet. You will accomplish all I have called you to do sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

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