Let Me clothe you!

Who is it? Who has clothed you? Who would you let clothe you? Will you allow the world to clothe you? Will you allow the flesh? Will you allow religion, tradition or even sin? I say to you, let Me clothe you. Are you not mine? Are you not My beloved child? I say, let Me clothe you. For I will clothe you with My righteousness. I will clothe you with peace. I say, put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Yes, be clothed in My glory. For I will wrap you in My presence. I will cover you with My glory and fill you with My spirit. I say to you, be clothed with robes white than snow. I desire My bride spotless, blameless and without reproach. Walk in Me. Walk in My fullness. Lay down your selfishness and flesh. Take up your cross and follow me. As you do, I will cause you to be covered with the wedding garments I so love, those without spot or wrinkle, those perfect for the marriage supper of the Lamb sayeth the Lord.

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