Will you eat it?

Will you eat it? Will you eat that which I give you? Will you eat the scroll? Will you eat the manna? Will you eat the fat and drink the sweet? I tell you, it is ready and available. I said I prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies. There are those who are mine who refuse to eat. They have chosen to go without. There are many who say they are My children and yet eat from another. For they feast upon the poison of the flesh, the world and sin. I say to you, it is time for you to fill up. Yes, fill up on Me. Fill up on the oil and the new wine of My spirit. Eat that which is eternal. Eat that which will cause you to grow. For you shall grow in Me, in spirit and in truth. So come and eat that good thing. Come eat that which gives life and not death sayeth the Lord.

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