What am I?

What am I? Am I willing? Am I capable? I say yes! Yes I am! For lo, I am more than willing. I am more than capable. As a natural father so loves to give his children good gifts, so do I love to give every good and perfect gift to My children. Will you believe Me? Will you receive it? For lo, though many know My word, they do not believe it. It has all become head knowledge. I say, let it become real and alive to you. I said, believe that I am and I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. Know that it is My desire and good pleasure to bless My children. I say, just come and ask of Me. Ask in faith. Ask with a humble heart. Know I hear the petitions of My love, of those who are mine. For I am a good, good father and I love you so. Just rely upon Me. Love Me for who I am and believe I will do all I say I will sayeth the Lord.

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