Will you walk in it?

Will you walk in it? Will you walk in My perfect love? For behold, perfect love casts out all fear! Will you walk in My presence? Will you walk in My spirit? Will you walk in the shadow of My hand? For lo, that is where I designed you to walk. I designed you to walk by faith and not by sight, yet so many of My people do not. It is time to see the truth and let the truth set you free. You were never designed to walk in the flesh. You were never created to walk in sin, guilt and condemnation. I never intended for you to walk in the council of the wicked. I say to you, come and walk in all I created and designed you to walk in. I created and deigned you to walk with Me. Yes, to walk in My presence and dwell in the fullness of who I am sayeth the Lord.

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