Can I breathe upon you?

Have you felt it? Have you felt the wind from My bellows? Have you felt the blast from My nostrils? I said, receive ye the Holy Spirit. Let Me blow in your nostrils. For I will cause you to live once again. You were created in My image. Allow Me to fill you up with My breath. I said, I come to give you life. It is sin that separates and causes death. Ask of Me, I will breath new life into you. I will cause those dead bones to yet live. I will cause you to be full of My spirit, My life, My love and My fullness. Ask of Me and I will do it. I will purge away all the dross. I will remove all the chaff and bring you in hither to dwell in and with Me and Me with you. I will cause you to do great exploits in My name to bring Me glory, honor and praise. Yes, so that I may be lifted up and draw ALL men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

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