Are you surrounded?

Tell Me this, what has surrounded you? Are you surrounded? By who? Are you surrounded by Me? Are you surrounded by My glory? Are you surrounded by My grace and My mercy? Are you surrounded by the enemy? I say to you, fear not. No, do not be afraid. For I tell you, there are more with you than there are with them. I said, I will surround round about you like a wall of fire. I said I will be about you like the mountains round about Israel . I am with you, even till the end. I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Do not be intimidated by the enemy. Remember, he is under your feet. I have said it in My word, when you have done all to stand, stand therefore. For I am with you. With Me, nothing is impossible. So stand! Stand firm. Stand tall and let all see, I am your strength and your great reward sayeth the Lord.

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