Will you call?

Will you call? Will you call upon My name? Call, call upon My name. Call upon Me and see what I do. Call upon Me and watch Me move on your behalf. I have said, all who call upon My name shall be saved. Call out in faith. Far too many call out, yet they call out to another. Many call out to man, to the flesh or the world. Do not call on Me out of fear. It is faith that moves My hand. Call to Me and I will answer you. Call out to Me and I will come. Call to Me out of love and desire for Me. When you call out to Me in faith I will assuredly come, yet you must call. I will never fail. I cannot lie. I will reach down and lift you up out of the dust and the dung. For I have caused you, My beloved, to be kings and priests. I have called you My own, My beloved child sayeth the Lord.

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