Are you defined?

Are you defined? Tell Me this, what is it? What is it that defines you? For I know the hearts of man. Many have chosen to be defined by their surroundings. Many have been defined by circumstances, yet others by people, places and things. I tell you, you are defined by your relationship and love for Me. I said you are in this world, yet not of it. I said, I am in you and you in Me. I say, be defined by My word. Be defined by My spirit. Be defined by My love and all I am. For I tell you this, you shall be known as mine. As you abide in Me and walk in My fullness, you shall be defined. No, not by the world’s standards. Not by the standards of the flesh or man. For I have created you a new creature in Christ Jesus. I created you in My image, by Me and for Me, all to bring Me glory sayeth the Lord.

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