Where are they?

Where are your ears? Can you tell Me? Where are your eyes? Do you know? Tell Me this, where are they? Are your ears turned towards Me? Are your eyes looking towards the mark? Do you hear My still small voice? Do you listen to all I say to you? Do you see that which I will do? Is your eye single? I tell you this, that which you have spoken and petitioned Me for, keep before you. That which I have spoken to you in the secret places, that which you have cried over and for, listen and hear. For it draweth nigh. You are to walk by faith, not by sight. I said, believe that ye receive. I told you, I will give you eyes to see and ears to hear. Know that I will do and fulfill all I said I would. For I am faithful. I will watch over My word to perform it. Just listen to and heed My voice. Look and follow My directions. For I will lead you and guide you and bring to fruition all I promised sayeth the Lord.

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