Month: January 2019

What instrument will you be?

Do you even realize it? Do you know or recognize you are an instrument? What instrument will you be? Will you be an instrument used for My glory? Will you be an instrument used for My praise? Will you be an instrument of honor,… Continue Reading “What instrument will you be?”

Will you put it on?

Will you put it on? Will you put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness? Will you put on My righteousness? Will you put on the coat I have for you? For lo, you shall be known by the garments you… Continue Reading “Will you put it on?”

Has it opened up?

Has it? Has it opened up? Has the stone been rolled away? Will you step forth? I have called out to you. I have called you by name. Will you stay in that place? Will you come out and walk in the supernatural? Will… Continue Reading “Has it opened up?”

Will you demonstrate it?

Will you? Will you demonstrate it? Will you demonstrate My great love? Will you demonstrate My mercy and My goodness? Will you demonstrate faith in action? Will you demonstrate My word at work in your life? Will you demonstrate Me? For lo, l have… Continue Reading “Will you demonstrate it?”

Is that all?

Is that all? Is that all you will ask of Me for? Is that all you will believe Me for? Who do you think I am? Am I not enough? Am I not God Almighty? The earth is mine AND the fullness thereof. Did… Continue Reading “Is that all?”

Will you drink it?

Will you drink it? What is it you will drink? Will you drink My cup or will you drink the cup of devils? Will you be full of Me or will you be full of self, the world and sin? I say, be full… Continue Reading “Will you drink it?”

Can you measure it?

Can you measure it? Can you count it? Can you store it up? I said I will cause the windows of heaven to open and your storehouses could NOT contain it all. Be willing, be obedient and you will eat the good of the… Continue Reading “Can you measure it?”

Will you do it?

Do you want to see My glory? Do you want to walk in My presence? Do you want to see the plan I have for you come into its fullness? Then I say to you, it is time. Do not just know it. Do… Continue Reading “Will you do it?”

Will you burn?

Will you let it burn? Will you let My fire burn within you? Will you let it burn out all the impurities? Will you let it burn out all the chaff? Will you let it burn hot? For lo, there are many who will… Continue Reading “Will you burn?”

Let Me clothe you!

Who is it? Who has clothed you? Who would you let clothe you? Will you allow the world to clothe you? Will you allow the flesh? Will you allow religion, tradition or even sin? I say to you, let Me clothe you. Are you… Continue Reading “Let Me clothe you!”