Have you poured it?

Have you done it? Have you poured yourself out before Me? For lo, there are many who say they have, yet truly have not. For they have held on to the things of self, flesh and the world. I say, pour it out. Pour out your life to Me. Let it become that beautiful offering I so desire. Know this, as you do, I will fill you to overflowing. I will fill you completely. I will cause you to pour it out. Yes, I will cause you to pour out My love, My spirit, My power and My grace. I tell you, as you are full of Me, My spirit and My word, you will pour it out. You will pour out My fullness upon a dry, dead and parched land. For I will pour out of you. Many will be healed, saved and delivered, all for My glory and My honor sayeth the Lord.

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