Would you demand it?

What is it? What will you do? Would you demand it? Would you put a demand upon My word? For lo, many of My people know My word, yet that is all. Too many never put a demand upon it. Did I not say faith without works is dead? I say, believe that I am. Believe My word is true. I say, believe that ye receive and move upon My word. For lo, I will perform My word. It will go forth with power and might. I tell you, My word will not return void. I say, it shall go forth and accomplish all it was sent out to do. I say to you, I watch over My word to perform it. I say don’t just “know ” My word. Believe it, let it become alive in you, to you and through you. For know this, My word IS alive and active. Put the demand, believe in faith and watch what I do sayeth the Lord.

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