Who do you serve?

Who is it, who do you serve? Can you tell Me? Do you truly know? Do you serve Me? Do you listen and obey My voice? Are you a doer of My word and NOT just a hearer only? For lo, there are many who claim to be mine, yet they do not obey My voice. No, they do not do My father’s will. Too many actually serve the flesh, self and sin. I have said, choose you this day whom you shall serve. Know this, you cannot serve two masters. For you will love one and hate the other. Yes, I tell you, you will cling to one and despise the other. I came to remove the bonds, chains and fetters of sin, death and hell. Come unto Me. Let Me be your king. Let Me be your high priest. Let Me be the one you serve with all you are. I will raise you up and set you at My right hand. I will bring you forth and call you My own. For I love and adore you. Know this, that which you give your members to you become a slave to. Well, give Me your life and all you are. I will make you My beloved sons and daughters sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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