Have you gotten in?

Have you gotten in? Have you gotten into the ark I have provided? For lo, I will flood you. Yes, I will wash away and destroy all that is evil, vile and defiles. I say, hide in Me. Know that I will remove all that is not of Me. I tell you, I will destroy sin. I will remove it from My presence. I say to you come, come and hide yourself in Me. I will cause you to be a new creature. Yes, I will cause you to be that chosen generation, yet you must decide. Will you come and get in Me and yet live? I offer you healing. I offer you life. I offer you all I have and all I am, yet you must choose and come in unto Me. I say, come whilst there is still time. For lo, time will soon run out and I will cover this earth once again. I will come and take My bride, those who are mine and mine alone sayeth the Lord.

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