Has it been built?

Has it been built? I say yes, yes it has. For lo, I have built Me a house not made by hands. Yet I tell you, many of My people have forsaken Me. They have allowed another to dwell and abide in it. I say, My desire is to dwell in the temple I have built. For lo, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You were created by Me, for Me. Know this, I am a jealous God. I am jealous for you. I will not share you with another. Come and allow Me to purge you. Allow Me to clean the house I so love and desire. For My desire is to dwell in you, to abide and make My home in you. I say, be washed, be cleansed and healed. Know this, if the inside is washed and healed then the outside is as well. Allow Me in and I will fill you. Yes, I will fill you to overflowing with My spirit, My love, My presence and ALL I am sayeth the Lord.

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