Has it been quenched?

Has it been quenched? Has My fire, My zeal and fervor been quenched by man? Has it been quenched by religion, the flesh, the world and traditions? Tell Me this, has your thirst for more of Me been satisfied? Does your soul long for more? Do you desire and hunger for more? I tell you, I will quench your thirst. I said you will drink from the living waters and never thirst again. I said, I will fill the hungry and satisfy the thirsty. I will set you ablaze for Me and none shall put it out. I will burn in you, I will burn through you. Stay in Me and My presence. Allow My spirit to fuel the fire that burns within you. Know I am with you. Know I am in you. Know I will never fail and I love you sayeth the mighty Lord God Jehovah.

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