Month: December 2018

Will you step in?

Where is it? Where will you step in? Tell Me, will you? Will you step in? Will you step into My presence? Will you step into My glory? Will you step into the secret place? Many have chosen not to. I tell you, many… Continue Reading “Will you step in?”

Will you come?

Will you come? Will you come and cross over to the other side with Me? Will you come and rest on the pillow in the back of the boat? Will you come, take up your cross and follow Me? Many have said with their… Continue Reading “Will you come?”

Have you poured it?

Have you done it? Have you poured yourself out before Me? For lo, there are many who say they have, yet truly have not. For they have held on to the things of self, flesh and the world. I say, pour it out. Pour… Continue Reading “Have you poured it?”

Where is she?

Where is she? Where is My bride? I tell you this, My bride is set apart. My beloved is hidden in Me. I am waiting, I am looking. For My bride is to be without spot or wrinkle. Know this, I come for My… Continue Reading “Where is she?”

Let it fall

Let it fall. Will you? Will you let it fall? I say, let My presence fall upon you. Allow My spirit to fall and fill the atmosphere. For lo, there are many who will not. For their pride, arrogance and selfishness gets in the… Continue Reading “Let it fall”

Would you demand it?

What is it? What will you do? Would you demand it? Would you put a demand upon My word? For lo, many of My people know My word, yet that is all. Too many never put a demand upon it. Did I not say… Continue Reading “Would you demand it?”

Can I show you?

Can I show you? Will you let Me? I say, allow Me to show you My extravagance. For I will! I will show you how extravagant I truly am. Do not be as the naysayers. Do not be as the religious, the doubters and… Continue Reading “Can I show you?”

Who do you serve?

Who is it, who do you serve? Can you tell Me? Do you truly know? Do you serve Me? Do you listen and obey My voice? Are you a doer of My word and NOT just a hearer only? For lo, there are many… Continue Reading “Who do you serve?”

Will you rejoice?

Tell Me, what will you do? Will you rejoice? Will you rejoice in good? Will you rejoice at the sound of My voice? Will you rejoice today? For I have made it. Will you rejoice and be glad? For lo, I have seen My… Continue Reading “Will you rejoice?”

Have you gotten in?

Have you gotten in? Have you gotten into the ark I have provided? For lo, I will flood you. Yes, I will wash away and destroy all that is evil, vile and defiles. I say, hide in Me. Know that I will remove all… Continue Reading “Have you gotten in?”