Why do you do it?

What is it you do? Why do you do it? Do you do it for Me? Do you do it to be seen of men? Do you not know I see the hidden things of the heart? I said in My word to do all things as unto Me. I tell you, too many desire and love the praises of men more than Me. Know this, that which is done in secret shall be broadcast on the rooftops. I have said that the proud and haughty heart I despise. For pride comes before a fall. I tell you, I will humble the proud, yet the humble will be lifted up and exalted. I say to you, I desire you to go and do out of your great love for Me. Yes, out of your desire to bring Me honor, glory and praise. So look close, let Me try the reigns of your heart to show you what is there. Come, follow Me and be My beloved sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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