What do you see?

What is it? What do you see? Do you see the enemy? Do you see them advancing? I say, look again. For behold, I have caused the waters to part. I say, call out to Me. Yes, call upon My name. For behold, I will cause you to walk upon dry ground. I say look, yes look and see. For I will cause the wheels of the chariots to become stuck. I will cause the wheels of the chariots to fall off. For I am with you. If I am with you, tell Me this, who can be against you? I say, look and see for I will cover the enemy. I ask, what do you see? I say, keep your eye single. Keep your eyes upon Me. For I will do that which has never been done before. I will bring you into all I have said and promised. For My hand is upon you and I will fulfill and accomplish all I said I would in you, to you and through you sayeth the Lord.

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