Is it come?

Have you seen it? Can you smell it? Have you felt it? For lo, the changes are in the air. Yes, some you can see, some you can smell and some you can feel. Yet I tell you there is much you cannot. Yet know this, it does not mean it is not coming. It does not mean it is not on its way or near. For behold, the wedding supper is made ready. I will cause My people to rise up. I shall pour out My spirit like never seen before. Do not be weary in well doing. For just as the colors of the leaf begins to change so shall this last move of My spirit be. For you shall see a spot here and there. Yet suddenly, before you even realize it, it has exploded. It will envelop every area, every region, from rich to poor, from north to south and from east to west. I say, just watch and pray. Seek Me early and know I will be found of you sayeth the great God Jehovah, the Lord of heaven and earth.

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