Have you prepared it?

What have you done? Have you prepared it? Have you prepared the room? Have you laid the wood in order? Know this, I will come. I will come and visit you. I will come and fill the house. I will answer by fire, yet you must prepare it. For many have not. Too many have the room, yet it is full, full of junk, idols, dirt and grime. Many say they want the fire, yet they have not prepared it. For they honor Me with their lips yet their hearts are far from Me. I say prepare it. Prepare the room, prepare the altar of your heart. Yes, prepare the temple of the Lord. For I will abide in the room. Yes, I will consume the sacrifice of praise. I will consume all that is laid upon the wood. I will fill the house with My glory. I will come and be yours and you shall be mine. For I have said it and it shall be sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

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