Have you sounded it?

Have you sounded it? Have you sounded the horn of deliverance? Have you sounded the horn of salvation? Have you sounded the horn of My love, My spirit and My word? I tell you, sound it! Yes, sound it out for all to hear. For you are to sound out My fullness. For you are My instrument. You are to sound it out so as all may come in. Yes, sound it out so all may be ready and prepared. For you are to sound out the warning, the victory cry, the sounds of joy, of My presence, glory and fullness. For as you sound it, those who hear, their blood shall be upon their own heads. Yet those who refuse, the blood of those who did not hear will be required of them. Just be willing. Just be obedient. Allow My spirit to blow through you and you will sound the sound of My voice. For behold, I come. Yes, I come quickly. So sound the call. Sound My love and desire, so all may come. For I call to all. Know this, many are called but few have chosen. So call out whilst there is still daylight. Call out whilst time is still available sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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