Are they girded?

Are you ready? How are your feet? Are they girded? Have you the lamb inside of you? Have you the blood over you? For lo, when I say go, will you be ready to go? I tell you this, many are not. Yes, some have lamb in them. Some have the blood over them, yet they have not girded their feet and prepared to go. I said occupy till I come. I say be ready, be watchful. For I come quickly. Many have fallen asleep. Many have become wanton, sluggish and selfish. I say, trim your lamps. Yes, be full of the oil and wine. Remember this, there were ten virgins, five foolish and five wise. I say, examine your hearts. Who will you be? Will you be a wise virgin ready for My call? For lo, I come when no man knows. So be watchful, have your feet girded and know I come. I come for My beloved bride sayeth the Lord.

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