Prepare thyself!

Prepare thyself! Prepare thyself! I say, prepare thyself for that which is about to come. For lo, I have seen My people. I have seen those who say they are mine yet are not. For many have lifted themselves up. They have become a God unto themselves. They have relied upon self, flesh, pride and all that seems right to a man. Many function and dwell in religion and tradition. They say, “we are in need of nothing”, yet they are poor, wretched, naked and blind. I tell you, come. Come and be all I designed and created you to be. Come, prepare thyself, be washed, be made whole, be transformed and be My bride. For My bride shall be without spot or wrinkle. For behold, I come quickly. I come for My bride who has made herself ready. Yes, who is holy, blameless and without reproach sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

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