What time is it?

What time is it? I say it is time! Yes, it is time for Me to be revealed to the world. It is time for My heart to be shown forth. I tell you, it is time! It is time for My bride to rise up. It is time for falsity and hypocrisy to fall away and be shown as what it truly is. I tell you, today is the day. It is time to be made new. It is time to walk in the fullness of all I have and all I am. It is time to stop playing church, stop playing religious games and to stop playing with sin. I say, now is the time. It is time to be filled to overflowing with My spirit, My presence and My word. I tell you, it is time. Now is the time to be My pure bride, without spot or wrinkle, holy and blameless before Me. For I tell you the time is short, for soon it will be no more. Be a wise virgin, full of the oil of My spirit, lest the door be shut and locked and I say depart from Me for I never knew you sayeth the great and mighty Lord of hosts.

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