Is it tight?

Have you felt it? Can you sense it? Is it tight? For lo, I tell you this, it is building pressure. Yes, the bubble of revival is filled up tight. I say be ready. Yes, watch and see. For behold, before you know it, it shall burst forth. Yes, it shall burst forth and cover this world once again. To some it shall be a surprise, yet to those who seek Me, seek My face and cry out to Me, it will be expected. Did I not say, watch and pray? Did I not say, ask in faith and it shall be given unto you? I tell you, I hear it. I hear the prayers of My people. I hear the prayers of My bride. I say, be ready. For when it explodes and bursts forth, I will flood this nation with My presence, My power, My glory and My spirit like never seen before sayeth the Lord.

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