Can I reveal it?

I ask you this, can I reveal it? Can I? Will you let Me? For lo, I will reveal to you that which you have never seen or known before. For man can only see so much. Flesh can only see so far, yet allow Me to and I will show you more. For I will reveal to you the full spectrum. I will allow you to see the truth of all that is hidden. I will reveal the hidden things. Many refuse, for pride, selfishness and arrogance have gotten in the way. I say, just as the human eye can only see so many colors, so the flesh can only see so much of My wonders, My works and My spirit. I say, humble yourself before Me. I will show you things you have never seen before. I will show you hues and colors of Me, My spirit and all I am like you have never seen or experienced before sayeth the great and mighty Lord of hosts.

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