Will you hunger for it?

Will you hunger for it? Will you thirst for it? Will you long for and desire it like never before? For lo, I have said they that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. Well I say, those who hunger and thirst for revival, for My fire and for Me to move, they shall be filled. For many of My people ask of Me yet they do not truly desire it. Many seek for it, yet they do not hunger or thirst. For they speak it out with their lips yet they deny it with their lives. I say, ask of Me. Ask of Me to give you a hunger. Ask of Me to give you a thirst. I say, desire that good thing. Yes, desire the best I have for you. You see, I will fill you to overflowing. I will burn in you. I will bring a revival never seen before. Just call to Me, thank Me, worship Me in spirit and in truth and see that I am faithful and true sayeth the Lord.

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