Can I rub it in?

Let Me preserve you. I say, let Me keep you. For I have said I know how to keep you. Can I rub it in? I say, let Me rub in the salt of My word, the salt of My spirit and the salt of My love. For you see, I will preserve you and keep you from the rot and impurities of this world. I have said, you are the salt of the world. Well, as I am so are you. It is through your intimate desire and relationship with Me you allow Me to rub it in. For soon, no one can tell the difference between you and Me. For we are so mixed in and intertwined. I said to hide My word in your heart. Well, let Me rub it in and engrave it upon the tablets of your heart. For I tell you, you shall be seasoned with fire. Yes, you shall be filled with My Holy Spirit and with fire and you shall be known and called by My name sayeth the Lord.

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